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We've been working with property owners and renters across the Mornington Peninsula for over 35 years combined. We have compiled some resources to help you make informed decisions about your property. If you are interested in listing your property for rent or transferring the management from another agent, please fill out your details below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

FAQs and Resources

What is involved in the careful renter selection process?
Getting the right renter into your property can minimise renter changes (and resulting vacancy periods), eliminate any potential rent payment issues, and keep your property in the very best condition. Subsequently, we take great care with renter selection – seeking those with a strong rental history, and stable, secure employment.

All renters are required to complete a detailed application form and a face-to-face interview, and they must also supply recent, credible references. We screen and verify the accuracy of the information they have provided, via stringent background, reference, and employment/business checks, along with applying practiced industry insight, to establish an appropriate renter shortlist. 

If requested, we also carry out a search of the National Tenancy Database and Credit Reference Association of Australia. We will also ensure that the prospective renter acknowledges their responsibilities, and will take proper care of your property – safeguarding your valuable asset. Only the most suitable renters are ever recommended, and of course we will always consult you – and seek your authority – prior to placing a renter in your property.
How will we advertise your property for lease?
At EPM, we understand that while your rental property is vacant, it is not earning you an income. Thankfully, our advanced marketing and advertising strategies, will ensure your property is leased to an excellent renter – and generating the maximum rental income – as quickly as possible.
Our goal is to lease your property at the maximum possible rent, to the most appropriate renter, in the shortest possible time. To achieve this aim, we will build an effective marketing campaign using an array of proven and effective marketing channels, which include:

To ensure your property receives the best possible online exposure, it will be listed on the leading real estate portals, including:


We have a large database of quality prospective renters.
How will we handle the maintenance on your property?
We listen to how you would like us to manage your property and arrange maintenance accordingly. In the case of non-urgent maintenance, we will either refer all matters to you before taking action, or organise the required repairs on your behalf up to an agreed cost. 

We have a full range of tradespeople available who have been providing quality, reliable service to us for many years. All are qualified, professional and covered by the appropriate insurance. If there are tradespeople that you would prefer to use, we are happy to record their details and contact them when required.
How long will it take for your property to be leased?
The process from when the property is listed online to completing the first open home, the next step is selecting a suitable renter and finalising the paperwork. This process can take anywhere between 1 - 7 days on adverage.
Can I transfer the management of my property when my renter is on a fixed term lease?
Just because you have a fixed term lease, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your current management company. There are always options. EPM are experts in seamless management takeovers. We can handle the transition, from start to finish.

Video Resources

Before a Tenancy

This video summarises the key legislative changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 - before a tenancy.

During a Tenancy

This video summarises the key legislative changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 - during a tenancy.

Ending a Tenancy

This video summarises the key legislative changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 - Ending a tenancy and general information.

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